Sitetracker Raises $42M in Series C led by H.I.G. Growth Partners and Energize Ventures

Sitetracker is one of the popular multi-site scheme management platforms. It works by tracking and managing the crucial infrastructure projects, and by doing so, it has successfully raised approximately 42 million dollars in the funding’s series C. This has been led by the H.I.G. Growth Partners and Energize Ventures. sitetracker 42m seriessawersventurebeat.

Palo Alto founded Sitetracker in the year 2013. This firm mainly enables the companies dealing with various areas such as telecom, electric vehicles and utility. This enables them to deploy and look after the upkeep of their gleaning real-time data, physical assets and the insights via dashboard and reports remotely. The Salesforce’s AI-enabled Einstein Analytics helps Sitetracker to perform this task in part. This analytics mines the historical data for serving the predictive insights. sitetracker salesforce.

It also allows the Sitetracker’s customers to create a more accurate forecast to achieve each project completion date and milestone. For instance, depending on the jurisdictions, market conditions, vendors etc., This firm will be able to integrate with the third-party business platforms accounting, spanning the data warehouses, ERPs, CRMs, etc. site tracker.

The platform of Sitetracker is mainly designed to replace the legacy systems which might have been, as the firm’s C.E.O. call it, ‘frankensteined altogether’. Probably, it cannot cope up with the challenges brought on by the project volume and variety effectively. Sometimes, it also implies the clipboards, disconnected spreadsheets, and various other dissimilar tools. Nevertheless, Sitetracker also promises that it would pave the way for a single truth source by combining all the project data based on a single platform. nlp tracker.

Finally, the C.E.O. of Sitetracked also exclaimed that their platform would help the infrastructure-based companies both eliminate and identify the inefficiencies across the larger deployments. sitetracker.