How To Enable Beta Features On Spotify

Currently, Spotify is the most widely used music streaming service. Along with being able to maximize it on their phone with several methods, it is used by millions of Android users. The application has been adding numerous new features for users and Beta Features On Spotify over the months. One of the most recent is the potential for blocking artists on the app.

Before they officially launch on Spotify, many of these features are available for testing. You must participate in the application’s beta program to achieve this. Any Android user can accomplish this if you take a few simple steps. Here, we list those for you.

You can test all features of an app like Spotify before other users by becoming a beta tester. Therefore, being able to accomplish this may be interesting for many. However, knowing that the software may have bugs is crucial because it’s a beta or trial edition. It is a legitimate risk that has to be considered.

But if you know this, you might be interested in being a beta tester for the well-known music streaming service. The procedures are simple and will give access to all the desirable functions. What should I do in this circumstance? Below, we outline each step for you to take

Spotify beta tester

For Spotify, there are various procedures to take than for other apps that let you test out beta versions for the Play Store. since joining the Google group of beta testers is the first step in becoming one. By clicking on this link, you can accomplish this. You must enter the group there. To join this Google group, you must click the join button.

Become a Spotify beta tester.

It is time for the next step once you have joined that group. In this instance, you need to visit the Google Play page for Spotify beta testers. You can use this link to access it to achieve this. When you are inside, you will notice a button with the wording “Become a tester” on it. Therefore, the user must click on such a button to be allowed to do so.

By doing this, one has now qualified as an authorized Spotify beta tester. The first step is to formally announce this change and update the application if there is a new version. You must access Google Play in the application profile and select the update option to accomplish this. After that, the Android app’s performance will be upgraded. It installs the beta version over the default version.

What are the responsibilities of a beta tester?

From now on, you only have to wait for the app’s beta versions to download to your phone. The program periodically releases a new beta on Android, generally after a few weeks. Users who are a part of this beta testing program, of which you are currently one, will be able to test all the application’s new features in this way.

Because Spotify is still in beta, occasionally, you’ll probably find it needing more functionality. Or some of these new features need to be fixed. This program’s beta testing objective is to find any bugs. One can report any errors they uncover directly to Spotify so they know it and can take appropriate action. In this aspect, input is crucial. So please report bugs if you find any.

Do you know how Spotify keeps things fresh so we have more music options?

 They accomplish this by adding “beta features”—fun new things to try before they’re official. Let’s go over how to get these Spotify beta features. If you do it that way, you’ll be among the first to sample the newest things.

Why Should You Be Concerned With Beta Features?

Beta features are early looks at what Spotify will provide next. By utilizing these tools, you may not only try out new items before anybody else by giving feedback, but you can also aid Spotify in improving these features

How to Turn on Spotify’s Beta Features

How to Turn on Spotify's Beta Features

Update your Spotify app first:

First, check if your Spotify app is the most recent version. To accomplish this, visit the website where you typically download programs and look for updates.

Join the Spotify Beta Program in Step 2:

  1. Open the latest version of Spotify.
  1. The ‘Your Library’ icon is located in the bottom right corner.
  1. By tapping the gear in the top right corner, go to “Settings.”
  1. When you see “Join Spotify Beta,” scroll down.
  1. Say yes by tapping “Join Beta.”
  1. Watch for a mail confirming your participation in the beta program.
  1. Third Step: Examining Beta Features
  2. Close Spotify and then reopen it after enrolling in the beta program.
  3. There may be new items, choices, or settings that weren’t present previously.
  4. Try them out and see how they affect your Spotify.

4. Expressing Your Opinion:

Spotify wants to know your thoughts since you’re a beta team member.

Go to “Settings” and select “Provide Feedback” if something isn’t operating correctly or you have a suggestion.

Tell them what you like, what you don’t like, and any other suggestions you have to help them make improvements.

Step 5: Maintaining Current:

Beta features are constantly improving, so Spotify will frequently issue updates.

Install these upgrades to try even more incredible things, and watch the app store for updates.


Being a member of Spotify’s beta group allows you to be among the first to use new features while contributing to their improvement. You can explore the world of Spotify’s beta features by following these steps and contributing to the future of music streaming. It’s an opportunity to influence music trends and have fun using the newest music technology.

Remember that beta features occasionally have minor bugs, but your feedback will help improve them before everyone else uses them. Why then wait? Join the Spotify beta team immediately and prepare for an unforgettable musical journey!

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