Does The Fresh Market Take EBT?

Navigating the EBT landscape can be complex, particularly when individuals are trying to determine which stores accept their EBT card for purchasing home goods.

To some, it may be apparent that the hardest aspect of the SNAP benefits program is applying for and getting the card.

However, many participants could contend that the hardest aspect is figuring out which supermarket and other nearby retail businesses can easily take their EBT cards.

It can also be complex to determine whether coupons, rewards programs, or other in-store discounts affect EBT eligibility.

Does The Fresh Market Take EBT?

Yes, all of The Fresh Market’s retail locations accept various payment options, including EBT payment cards.

Curbside pickup and delivery services: The Fresh Market does not accept EBT cards.

Additionally, SNAP recipients need help to place online orders via The Fresh Market’s website.

The decision on whether retailers or platforms will accept EBT cards for online orders rests with the state’s regulatory body.

For instance, in Minnesota, Aldi, Amazon, Hugo’s Family Marketplace, Sam’s Club Scan and Go, Walmart, and Whole Foods are the only online retailers that take EBT orders.

See this link for an extensive list of states and merchants who provide SNAP Online Purchases.

What Foods At The Fresh Market Qualify For EBT?

  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Fish, chicken, and meat
  • dairy goods, such as yogurt and milk
  • Breads, Cereals, and Grains
  • Foods for snacking, such as cakes, popcorn, and chips.
  • Add-ons for complementary meals, such as sugar, baking soda, and spices.
  • Absent Alcohol Drinks such as Gatorade, water, and tea (in bottled form only)
  • Plants and seeds for domestic food production
  • Baby food consists of cereals, liquids, and formula.
  • Enclosed Ice

The Fresh Market’s prep times and recipe inspiration are shown below.

Breakfast recipes:

Toast with avocados: 10 minutes

Avocado and Egg Tartines: 30 minutes

Recipes for entrees:

  • Chapulterios: 20 minutes
  • Easy 30-minute Spanish paella
  • 30 minutes for salmon with cherries, farro, and arugula
  • 35 minutes for a spicy watermelon and berry salsa

Recipes for desserts:

  • Popsicles with blueberries, maple syrup, and honey: 15 minutes plus extra time to freeze
  • Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars Without Dairy: 2 hours
  • Pie with Dreams: 30 minutes plus overnight
  • Bars of sugar cookies: one hour

Holiday Preferences:

  • Squash Soup for Winter: 1 hour and fifteen minutes
  • 30 minutes for ginger chocolate chip cookies
  • Turkey roast: five hours and thirty minutes
  • Holiday Cornbread: twenty-five minutes

Can I Purchase Prescriptions, Supplements, And Vitamins?

No, you usually cannot buy prescription drugs, dietary supplements, or vitamins using EBT cards.

Examining the label is one easy approach to determine whether a product is classified as food, vitamin, or supplement.

EBT does not accept labels containing the “Supplement Facts” section because they are categorized as supplements. Products labeled with “Nutritional Facts,” on the other hand, are typically considered food and are therefore eligible for SNAP benefits.

This is significant since different protein powders will have various labels, some with “Nutritional Facts” and others with “Supplement Facts.”

They are, likewise, concerning pre-workout supplements.

Ask a cashier or shop manager if you need help determining whether a product qualifies as a food item or supplement.

Can I Buy A Gift Card Using My EBT Card?

No, an EBT card cannot be used to buy gift cards.

The Fresh Market gift cards are not eligible for EBT, even if the planned purpose of the card is to buy food for the home.

What Cannot Be Purchased At The Fresh Market With My EBT?

  • Present Cards
  • alcoholic drinks (wine, liquor, beer)
  • Smoking or using tobacco
  • *Live animals* Pet supplies
  • materials for cleaning or other random home items (paper towels, toilet paper)
  • hygiene products, such as body spray or deodorant
  • Cosmetic products, such as nail polish or cosmetics
  • vitamins, minerals, or medications** Hot or cold-prepared foods***
  • baskets filled with toys or other non-food things as gifts
  • Cookbooks or magazines

EBT cards cannot be used to buy live animals.

Shellfish and fish taken out of a river, lake, or ocean are exceptions.

You can purchase animals like pigs and cows with an EBT card once they are killed. However, items labeled with a “Supplement Label,” such as protein powder for pre-workouts and energy drinks, are ineligible for EBT card use. Conversely, products featuring a “Nutritional Label” are considered food and qualify for EBT benefits. The USDA specifies that preheated meals and both hot and cold foods are not classified as staples or essential dietary items. These dishes are already prepared, rather than being intended for purchase to be cooked and consumed at home.

A cold sandwich or salad from the deli or take-out area, coffee or tea, soup, fried chicken, or pizza are a few examples of these kinds of cuisine.

Can I Use Coupons With My EBT Card?

Yes, you may use any The Fresh Market coupon at the register, even using an EBT card.

Online Perks Members may load coupons onto their accounts for in-store redemption.

You can add an unlimited amount of coupons to your account.

However, The Fresh Market warns that adding more than 100 coupons to a Perks account may slow checkout since the computer will process all the coupons.

The Perks account will display the expiration date for each coupon. The makers promptly upload new coupons to the website throughout the month. The Fresh Market recommends visiting the website regularly to check for any new promotions introduced. Consumers should note that using coupons to pay for non-EBT authorized home products will incur a debt that they must settle with cash, a check, or a credit/debit card.

To highlight its products, The Fresh Market also publishes a weekly advertisement.

Customers may not need to download a digital coupon or have these products included in their Perks program.


You may purchase food at Fresh Market with EBT, a fantastic option. In addition to being a grocery store, they support the neighborhood by obtaining food from local farmers.

Families experiencing financial difficulties may get assistance via EBT. Families are struggling financially now more than ever during these difficult times.

EBT helps families fulfill their basic requirements and get by during these difficult times.

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