iLobby 100m Partners Aisawersventurebeat

ilobby 100m partners aisawersventurebeat

 iLobby, a visitor software provider, got $100 million in funding from Insight Partners. This was the first-ever round of funding for iLobby. iLobby plans to use these funds to gauge the go-to-market operations. They also plan to expand the product functionality. ilobby 100m partners aisawersventurebeat. The impressive customer list of iLobby is across 45 countries … Read more

1Password secrets automationsawersventurebeat

1password secrets automationsawersventurebeat

1Password, the password-management platform, will join the “secrets management” space. The platform looks forward to helping developer teams across the enterprise protect private credentials. 1password secrets automationsawersventurebeat. Apart from the launch, 1Password made a second announcement of its acquisition of SecretHub. This is the first acquisition of the platform. SecretHub is a Dutch startup launched … Read more

Sitetracker Raises $42M in Series C led by H.I.G. Growth Partners and Energize Ventures

sitetracker 42m seriessawersventurebeat

Sitetracker is one of the popular multi-site scheme management platforms. It works by tracking and managing the crucial infrastructure projects, and by doing so, it has successfully raised approximately 42 million dollars in the funding’s series C. This has been led by the H.I.G. Growth Partners and Energize Ventures. sitetracker 42m seriessawersventurebeat. Palo Alto founded … Read more